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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What is coaching?

The role of a life coach is to guide and support people in realizing their dreams.  A life coach provides a safe place to explore thoughts, feelings, emotions and goals.  A coach is a partner to walk through life with. - Canada Coach Academy

Can I book an Intake Session?

Yes!  I encourage this please!  I would love to take 15min for you to be able to get to know me and I you, so that we can see if my style of coaching is the best fit for you!  

What are your fees?

Fees vary slightly (per session) depending on your goals/needs and length of program. I encourage clients to commit to at least 6 sessions for best results. However, there are  some people who want and can benefit from just one or two sessions, which will cost more per session then the per session fee of  a bundled length program.  

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